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Ross has written almost 20 books on shamanism, healing, plant spirit medicines, and guides to specific teacher plants including San Pedro, ayahuasca and salvia divinorum.
ayahuasca, salvia divinorum, shamanism, healing, plant spirit medicines
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Books & CDs by Ross Heaven

Ross has written almost 20 books on shamanism, healing, plant spirit medicines, and guides to specific teacher plants including San Pedro, ayahuasca and salvia divinorum.
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Peer and magazine reviews of some of these include:

‘Not simply a dry academic discussion of these topics, although that alone would be intrinsically interesting. Instead, it provides cross-cultural perspectives on all aspects of plant-spirit based healing… Whether you want to learn to practice plant-spirit medicine or simply want to gain a better understanding of it this book will be a useful addition to your botanical library.‘
Dennis J. McKenna, Ph.D., author of The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss

‘A colossal book! [It] soars!‘
John Perkins, New York Times bestselling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

‘An incredible book, a book with depth that speaks to the soul… The knowledge in this book could very easily be put to good use in everyday life, which makes it a ‘keeper’ for any healer’s library.‘
Bonnie Cehovet, Angelfire

‘Healers will find this essential to understanding plant processes.‘
Diane C. Donovon, California Bookwatch

‘A valuable asset to personal and public libraries, this work opens the door to the wondrous dark chamber we enter every time we close our eyes to pray, meditate, chant or dream.‘
Publisher’s Weekly

‘A new form of spiritual experiential magic that will change most people’s views of reality.‘
Magical Blend

‘Ross Heaven [has] nurtured the most fertile ground for the development of true spiritual sightedness.‘
Malidoma Patrice Somé, author of Water and the Spirit

‘This is a particularly needed book… Heaven, whose own knowledge and experience is clearly a wealth in itself, has collated an admirable selection of texts that provides the reader with a thorough perspective.‘
Psychedelic Press UK

‘This book brings to light the possibilities that await us as an evolved conscious species if we reach out and communicate with plant species in a true ‘communion.’‘
Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

‘This is a simply splendid book! Ross Heaven has written and edited an insightful and information-filled volume including reports from several shamans who have worked for many years with San Pedro. We finally have a definitive book on this remarkable psychedelic plant. Thank you for opening so many doors, Ross Heaven.‘
James Fadiman, Ph.D., author of The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide

‘An amiable, intelligent, and passionate introduction to the sacred medicine of the Andes… valuable not only as an orientation toward the ancient Huachuma tradition but also as an exploration of the experiences of healing and creativity common to all sacred medicine traditions.‘
Robert Tindall, author of The Jaguar that Roams the Mind

‘Absolutely LOVING the Shamanic Quest for the Spirit of Salvia! FANTASTIC work; really advanced shamanic knowledge. Our species really needed this book!‘
David Jay Brown, author of The New Science of Psychedelics

‘Ross Heaven… examines the deepest aspects of one of the most powerful and least used plant hallucinogens in history. The tangles of experience weave a wonderful view on such a powerful teacher… Just reading about it makes one’s mind go to another place of existence just like what the plant does. Delicious reading if you ask me. Enjoy the mystery as it deepens and learn about the potential for the medical value of the plant.‘
Water Smith, Dragibus

‘A moving memoir… highly recommended for anyone interested in Celtic lore and shamanism.‘
New Age Retailer

‘I can heartily recommend this book to anyone interested in healing or Celtic traditions as an engrossing and entertaining read, a moving biography of a powerful, wise and humble man.‘
Lauren D’Silva, Bella Online