The Four Gates Foundation | Ceremonial distance healing and altar prayers
The Four Gates offers workshops, healings, shamanic plant diets, journeys to Peru and Mexico to work with indigenous shamans, encounters with teacher plants, and other events to bring you healing, empowerment, new consciousness, and get you back in touch with your soul.
workshops, healings, shamanic plant diets, journeys, Peru, Mexico, shamans, teacher plants, healing, empowerment, new consciousness, soul
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“I called my mom this afternoon to get an update and she reported that Mark spent the entire night before last (the night of the ceremony) vomiting. She was concerned since there’s nothing in the literature that says this is a normal side-effect of the medicine he’s taking but as you can imagine, I was overcome with joy. She said that the cancer cells in his circulating blood went from 33% to 9%, literally, overnight” – Cole, USA

If you are unable to join us in person for one of our healing ceremonies with the Master Plants, we now offer you the opportunity to join us in spirit and to receive healing prayers for yourself or a loved one.

All we need is your name (or the name of the person you wish to support), a brief description of the problem and, ideally, a photograph of the person to be helped. All of this can be sent by email. We then place the name and photograph on our ceremonial altar and when the power of the ceremony is at its greatest, we make prayers for healing on your behalf.

We have, over the years, received feedback from clients of remarkable results from this, such as Cole’s story above. Other successes have included rapid recoveries from surgery, breakthroughs in conditions that medical doctors have described as “impossible” to treat, the otherwise unexplainable remission from diseases or even the disappearance of a disease altogether. The person to be healed does not even need to know that prayers are being offered on their behalf (as was the case with Mark, above).

Ceremonies are held frequently throughout the world. If your situation is urgent however and your requirement for healing does not correspond with a scheduled event we can also arrange a specific healing for you. Read more

Please refer to our prices and terms for more information.