The Four Gates Foundation | Shamanic healing
Ross typically provides healings during plant ceremonies on workshops, during private plant diets, and he also has a healing practice in Spain where face-to-face healings, counselling and therapy are available by appointment (local accommodation can be arranged for you if required).
Shamanic healing
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‘The healing that changed my life! It was so liberating!‘
Tania Ahsan, editor of Kindred Spirit Magazine

Ross typically provides healings during plant ceremonies on workshops, during private plant diets, and he also has a healing practice in Spain where face-to-face healings, counselling and therapy are available by appointment (local accommodation can be arranged for you if required).

Distance healing is also available worldwide at any time by arrangement. A free, detailed information pack on shamanic healing is available on request. We also provide a worldwide Healer List of those shamans who have trained with us and whose work we recommend. Please email us for either.

Fact-to-face Consultations

Shamanic healings normally take two-to-three hours and have three stages:

Platicas: The first involves a therapeutic discussion to establish what’s going on and why. This allows me to ‘tune in’ to you and can help us both gain clarity on the real issue as well as insights into its nature.

Energy Balancing: Following this, energy work begins which often includes limpia (soul cleansing), spirit extraction (the removal of negative energies), power or soul retrieval, as well as the use of crystals, reiki-like techniques, shamanic journeying, the use of drums, chants and so on.

Counselling and Guidance: There is then a feedback session where you will be given guidance on your problem and the healing procedures used. This is also your opportunity to ask questions or discuss your own insights which may have arisen during the healing. Anything you say (or that I say to you) is always treated in confidence.

Shamanic healing typically involves aspects of the following:

Soul Retrieval: Whenever we are hurt, traumatised or shocked in some way parts of our soul (or energy) may leave our bodies. Sometimes these soul parts become lost, unable or unwilling to return, a condition known as soul loss. Healing is through the return of these soul parts, known as soul retrieval.

Spirit or Energy Extraction: We may also become ill or dis-empowered through the effects of others or the impact of life upon us, a process where energy emanations – or ‘spirit intrusions’ – enter our bodies and can harm us. Healing is through the removal of these and the return of power, known as spirit extraction and power retrieval.

Energy Re-Balancing: Before either of these techniques is used, however, it is usually necessary to realign and rebalance the energy body, which can be affected by the stresses of life, the trauma of illness, daily pressures from unsatisfactory circumstances, and so on. Energy re-balancing means that power or soul can come back to a safe place when it is retrieved through shamanic healing work. This may be accomplished through crystal medicine, energy practices similar to reiki, or other techniques which operate at a non-physical level.

Distance Healing
For those who find it less easy to travel, distance healing is also available. Because shamanic healing mostly takes place on an energetic level clients do not always need to be present in the same room or even the same country as the healer. This is known as distance (or absent) healing and it means that your location is not an issue.

In lieu of a face-to-face meeting we agree a date and time for your healing and at the appointed hour I will perform the healing for you. The process involves energy work, power retrieval and extraction as required, carried out in the same way as above.

I will normally then send you a report by email of the healing that took place, which will often contain further suggestions for things you can do to aid good health based on my assessment of your problems during the shamanic work I do for you.


For a free, detailed information pack on shamanic healing and/or a worldwide healers list Contact Ross.


Comments from Healing clients:

‘The healing was great! The only way I can describe what I experienced (which happened after our healing) is to say that I was so happy, so full of joy and wholeness I couldn’t believe it. 

After going through a very tough year of painful but necessary growth, to feel a little joy was a welcome relief. But what’s really bizarre is your letter [healing report] – my jaw just about hit the floor! Damn, Ross, you’re good! You were really on target with your assessment—right down to the wallpaper! Wow, I’m still stunned. The whole virus-thing, or whatever it was, is also much better now. When I get my radio career back on track, I would love to interview you (and order one of your books)!  ‘ – Consuelo, USA

‘My doctors could not believe the change in me. The scar tissue on my lungs has completely healed, which they said was impossible, and for the first time in years I can walk without effort and gasping for breath! ‘ – Louise, USA

‘Hi Ross – I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for a tremendous healing last night. It truly blew me away!!! And do you know, for the first time in a year, I was able to walk without feeling I was on a curve – and today, NO DIZZINESS!

It was the most relaxing feeling. I could feel it happening about 18:50 [when the healing session began] and it continued for a good 3 quarters of an hour – this total feeling of well-being – like I was a protected in a cocoon. There were subtle feelings of warmth in various parts of my body at certain times of the session and I have never seen such a huge flame that flickered out of the candle.

As I reckoned the session was completing there seemed to be a wind round the flame that blew it here and there. I had to retire to bed after because I was a bit ‘altered’ and I had very deep dreams!!! Many many thanks. I am so thrilled!!!‘ – Jane, UK

‘Thanks so much for your recent healing and also the really amazing detailed report. My condition has improved… I am also feeling a lot calmer and that I have more energy for the first time in years. I am really amazed by your report and I think it is very accurate. Once again thanks so much for your help and insight.‘ – Stephen, UK

‘I am constantly amazed by how powerful your healings are and I also love the fact that my own awareness of energy ‘wakes up’ through your healings. So, thank you again!‘ – Eleanor, Croatia

‘Reading your report has been useful. Absolutely everything that you wrote resonates, there was nothing I frowned at. I have a clearer picture of what I should do now which started to emerge after the healing and I feel that I am moving forward now so I’m very grateful for your work.‘ – Michael, France

‘I feel so very grateful to you for the healing actions that you undertook during my session. The hope that you brought infused me [and] the knowledge of the work you did on my energetic body has given me a spark of hope and encouragement, which I feel growing into a strong flame of faith in my body’s ability to recover and heal. I had always believed that I could completely recover but this flame had dimmed over the past 12 months – I now feel my belief like a strong energy within.

About one month after the session I found the strength to undertake a pilgrimage back to my birth place, something I had felt called to do for many years but had not been able to do. Soon after the healing session I felt the return of more personal power. I feel like I am emerging from a mist that had depressed my mood, disempowered me, clouded my senses… now I feel free to find my own way.

My practitioner [medical doctor] wants to retake tests and review his theory so external changes are happening too. So many people have tried to help me but the Soul Healing and actions you performed are what I really needed. This is where shamanic healing stands head and shoulders above many healing methods and it is such a relief to have finally found the help I was seeking. I wish I could convey how relieved I feel to have arrived at this point – it is truly a gift – a key that can open doors. With thanks, ‘ – Suzanne, UK

‘My tumour has shrunk from 5cms to 3.5cms! Thank you!‘ - Deborah, Kenya

‘The cancer count in my father’s circulating blood went from 33% to 9%, literally overnight, and the next day to zero. Amazing. Thank you.‘ - Cole, USA

‘Thank you so much for your beautiful work. It was an incredible experience and what you told me corresponds amazingly to my issue and my personal history. I already feel more solid in myself, regaining something I lost a long time ago. I know that a new, rich process has started and I’m already feeling the effects in physical terms. I am very grateful to you and eager to see how this process develops.‘ - Elaine, UK

‘I am impressed! My healing session with you was deep and full of gentleness. I am less agitated and my physical complaint eased by about 95 percent for the first time in 5 months.‘ – Brian, UK

‘You have given me hope!!! I honestly felt that I received a lot of strong and powerful gentleness and also an inner quiet which has lasted.‘ – Val, UK

‘Thank you so much for your work and for my healing. Many things resonated deeply with me even if I haven’t known them on a conscious level. I feel inspired and relieved and my energy levels have already changed. There are no words really I can write to express how I feel. Still, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.‘ – Edward, France

‘I am presented with a minor miracle, a miracle that I didn’t really believe I would ever receive. I send grateful thanks for what you did!‘ – Susan, UK

‘It’s amazing that it was only last week that I saw you, it seems I have lived a lifetime since then. Thank you for an unbelievable experience – there’s a joy so deep inside me that I catch myself beaming with pleasure without realising it. It’s as if I am in touch with myself and the joy of this is indescribable – I’m finally complete!  For the first time in ever such a long time I’m not scared of laughing. Thank you again and a million times more.‘ – Robin, USA

‘Thank you for the most amazing journey of my life. It has been revealing and regenerating. A new me was born.‘ - Monica, UK