The Four Gates offers facilitated journeys, escorted by Ross, to work with indigenous healers in the Amazon and Andes of Peru and in Mexico.
SHAMAN, Amazon, Andes, Peru, Mexico
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Journeys to Indigenous Shamans

The Four Gates offers facilitated journeys, escorted by Ross, to work with indigenous healers in the Amazon and Andes of Peru and in Mexico.
Please Contact Ross for a full information pack.
Our current journeys are:


September 1-14 2017

A 14-day healing adventure to Cusco, the ‘centre of the world’, to work with Shipibo and Qero shamans and magical healing plants.

Here’s what a few of our participants said about last year’s event:

“If want to make real life changes and break those repetitive cycles sign yourself up. It’s real work for real people guided by the best in the business. Unicorns and Fairies need not apply X”
Jonathan Tranmer

“A once in a lifetime experience that lasts a lifetime and effects your heart and relations. After my trip I changed the way I talked and listened to my teenage daughters and there’s hope and more ❤ thank you”
Pia Wahrenstedt 

“Two weeks of healing of body & soul and mind opening experiences! Time for self-discovery. Time to heal and time to bond with others. Time to learn and unlearn. Time to cry and time to laugh. Time to lose those shackles from the past and find strength for the present and the future. And all this in the beautiful breath-taking surroundings of the High Andes and with the guidance of loving, understanding and caring people. It might be one of your most important, profound and beautiful moments in your life. I know it was for me!”
Witold Vic Radecki

MYSTERIOUS PERU is an event focused on healing through ceremony and work with amazing healers and magical plant teachers – ayahuasca, san pedro, and sacred mushrooms – as well as a temezcal (traditional sweatlodge), pago (blessing for the Earth) ceremony and soul cleanisng limpias with our Qero paqo (shaman) brothers. It also includes visits to lesser-known (‘non-touristy’) sacred sites and energy portals, as well as time to explore the city of Cusco. It is, or can be, life-changing and, in the past, has literally saved lives:

“My tumour has shrunk from 5cms to 3.5cms. My doctors cannot believe it. Thank you!” (Following this, a local operation was possible instead of chemotherapy)
Deborah Smith

Places are limited so please contact us quickly to express interest or book your place. A free 40-page information pack is available on request with all the details you need and pages and pages more of participant feedback.

Some free advice

It is not as easy (or as safe) as you might think to simply do a web search and find the right healing centre for you in Peru – or a shaman you can trust (see, for example, the case at Shimbre).

Ross has been visiting the Amazon and Andes since 1998 and has extensive experience of the area, the medicine, and the shamans who work there. He has also had to intervene with some of these shamans on occasion to protect their participants in ceremony by correcting a range of deficiencies, including (so-called) shamans breaking their diets, preparing weak and ineffective ayahuasca, confusing participant plant diets, making unwanted approaches to ceremonial participants, putting on a show instead of providing real healing, and conning or harming people in other ways.

Some of the warnings (and information on how to find a genuine shaman and healing centre are given in his book, Ayahuasca: The Vine of Souls.

What we offer

On our trips we work with real shamans vouched for by Ross after years of research in Peru, working with a variety of healers, undertaking dietas and apprenticeships and running an ayahuasca healing centre of his own in Iquitos.

The intention of our shamans is to heal and be of service.
Nothing more. And nothing less.

Other unique features of our events include tutorials, seminars, workshops, healings and therapeutic sessions with Ross, indigenous rituals for blessings, purification and protection (such as the pago, limpia, and flower baths), and guided visits to sacred sites and other places of interest.

Please have a look at our previous journeys’ impressions