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The Four Gates offers workshops, healings, shamanic plant diets, journeys to Peru and Mexico to work with indigenous shamans, encounters with teacher plants, and other events to bring you healing, empowerment, new consciousness, and get you back in touch with your soul.
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Offrendas (also known in Peru as pagos or despachos) are offerings to the Earth and to the spirits. They are expressions of gratitude for all that we have but, in accordance with the Andean principle of ayni (reciprocity) they are also thanks in advance for all that we are about to receive in return for making this offering.

In Andean cosmology human beings are multi-dimensional, comprised of energy or spirit, and that which we lack in this reality we already have in abundance in some other dimension of which we are also a part. Another way of saying this is that in our thoughts (the imaginative realm where all realities begin) we may be multi-millionaires, or fulfilled in love, or successful in business, and if we do not yet have these things in the material world, it is only because we have not yet manifested them. But if we can dream it, we can make it real.

The Andean method of materialisation is to create an Offrenda where we give away all the things we would like to make real. It is like saying “I already have these things! I am so rich in them, in fact, that I can afford to give them away!” If we wish for love, for example, we give away a representation of our hearts. If we want commercial success, we give away one of our business cards and perhaps an offering of money. Since everything in life is circular, whatever we offer will find its way back to us, but amplified and strengthened by the journey. It sounds paradoxical to give away what we actually most want but the evidence shows that it works!

One example is that of a woman from London who needed money so she added a few euros to an Offrenda we made in Spain. Within a month her father decided to make her and her sister a joint gift of a new house, worth around £500,000. At the same time her uncle offered to buy shares from her which she didn’t even know she had, since they had been a christening gift, and were now worth a further £150,000. She used the money to create a new life for herself and is now independent, travelling the world, and with no need to work.

Our Offrendas are made individually for you in accordance with your wishes, to represent the things you desire. You can send us tokens to include if you like (photographs, images or other small items) and we will select and purchase other things for you in line with your intentions and our knowledge of the items included in Offrendas by the shamans in Peru: sugar and honey (for sweetness), flowers (for growth and beauty), seeds and grains (for abundance), pictures of houses, cars, hearts, coins, and so on, as well as more secret ritual items. (See the images above). One thing we do always want to include is a photograph of the person to benefit from this offering (whether you or another). This, along with a brief description of your needs and intention, can be sent to us by email.

The offering is then sprayed with agua florida (‘water for flowering and flourishing’) and wrapped like a present for the spirits so they receive your offering and hear your prayers. It is then blessed and empowered in ceremony and the package is burned: the true give-away.

We take care of all stages for you: the selection and purchase of the items to include, the making of the Offrenda, the ceremonial blessing and the ritual burning and give-away. We will send you photographs of the creation and offering of your gift.
Offrendas can also be made for you on behalf of a loved one if you wish to offer them the gift of a blessing for health, love and abundance.

Please contact us to commission this work.

Please refer to our prices and terms for more information.