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The Four Gates offers workshops, healings, shamanic plant diets, journeys to Peru and Mexico to work with indigenous shamans, encounters with teacher plants, and other events to bring you healing, empowerment, new consciousness, and get you back in touch with your soul.
workshops, healings, shamanic plant diets, journeys, Peru, Mexico, shamans, teacher plants, healing, empowerment, new consciousness, soul
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Retablos are works of art and ‘living prayers’ – for health, guidance, love, abundance; whatever you desire – which are kept in the home as a source of power and protection.

Traditional Retablos in Mexico and Peru typically contain pictures of guardian angels and Saints, like these antique pieces from Cusco, Peru.



In their more modern form, they are shrine-like containers for essence, energy or spirit, and often (like Offrendas) include many items, images and tokens to draw into the home the qualities you wish to surround yourself with, such as peace, love, or security. Each is created uniquely for you and also, therefore, a unique piece of folk art for your home.

Our Retablos are designed individually in accordance with your wishes. You can send us tokens if you’d like to include them (such as photographs of Saints or loved ones or images and items representing the things you aspire to) and we will select and purchase others on your behalf. The finished work is then sprayed with agua florida (‘water for flowering and flourishing’) and blessed and empowered in ceremony.

We take care of all stages for you: the selection and purchase of items to include, the artwork and decoration and the ceremonial blessing of the Retablo. All artwork and design is by Ross and the piece which results is always unique to you. Your Retablo is also signed and dated on the back as a guarantee of its authenticity.

Please contact Ross to discuss your needs and to commission this work.

Please refer to our prices and terms for more information.