The Four Gates Foundation | Shamanic baths for healing and luck
The Four Gates offers workshops, healings, shamanic plant diets, journeys to Peru and Mexico to work with indigenous shamans, encounters with teacher plants, and other events to bring you healing, empowerment, new consciousness, and get you back in touch with your soul.
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Shamans know that everything in the world is comprised of energy – including human beings and all that we manifest and create. By changing our energy we therefore change our world, including our physical states and our ‘luck’: the nature of the energies, events and people we attract towards us. Shamanic baths (known in the Amazon of Peru as baños de limpia or baños de flores) are a way of achieving this.

Our Baths follow the healing principles of rainforest blends but use unique recipes based on a mixture of herbal, floral, and other ingredients to revitalise your energy and help you achieve particular positive outcomes. Added to these ingredients are special Amazonian perfumes and pure water from empowered sources. The mixture is then blessed in ceremony so that the healing essence of helpful and protective spirits also becomes a part of the blend.



The Purification Bath is a tonic for the spirit, containing a mix of European and rainforest plants such as mucura, ortega and clavahuasca which remove unhelpful energies and restore balance. It is used for purification and to be free of old patterns and issues, as well as freedom from brujeria (hexing, cursing, ill-will or bad intentions towards you) and mal suerte (bad luck).

“I felt so clean and fresh after taking this bath. All the negativity around me just vanished. A few days before bathing I thought I was coming down with an infection, like the start of a bad cold, and I had severe pains in my chest and lungs. Within hours of taking the bath this cleared up as well, like it was never there” – Chloe, England.


The Empowerment Bath is used to attract power in all its forms – spiritual strength as well as success in practical matters of negotiation, diplomacy and the will (for example, in business, romance and legal affairs). It also aids recovery in situations of conflict, convalescence or power loss, so you regain strength and vitality. Plants used include mapacho and chiric sanago, along with other ingredients for new power.

“I don’t know what to make of this but I really do feel a new confidence in myself. A few days ago I had to make a big presentation at work and normally I’d be tongue-tied and panicking but this time I just sailed through it and everyone spoke highly of me afterwards. I think there may be a promotion coming my way!” – Louise, USA

Pusangas are charms of magical attraction which produce an aura of good fortune and draw in the favour of others. In the Amazon they are seen as a living force which channels the energy of your intention to bring you whatever your heart desires. They are often referred to as “the love medicine of the Amazon” because of their ability to attract love and good fortune, but they can be used in other ways too. Peruvian shopkeepers, for example, often spray Pusanga on their goods, business cards, even doors and floors, to draw customers in. Or they can be used to attract good health (for example, by rubbing the liquid on the place of an old injury), victory in sports (by rubbing it on sportswear and equipment, etc), or for academic success (by using it on essays and test papers).

The mixture can be used as a bath in the same way as the others but can also be applied to the pulse points of the body as a scent, or used to perfume the house to attract love and peace. It can also be used in magical work. For example, if you have a photograph of something you want, rub it with Pusanga then place it next to a lit candle you have also anointed. With the help of Pusanga, your intention is transferred to the person or thing the photograph represents and will work at a distance to call them.

Each Pusanga is unique and individually made for you from special herbs, plants, barks, roots or leaves which all have qualities of attraction due to their colours, the way they grow, their locations, or the sense of power surrounding them. Special perfumes, including tabu (a fragrance found in Peru and used during healing ceremonies with San Pedro) and agua florida (“water for flourishing”) are also added and the mixture is then blessed and empowered in ceremony according to your specific needs and wishes.

“Your pusanga is phenomenally powerful! Many, many thanks for your incredible work!” – Catherine, England

“Two weeks after using it a new man came into my life – the man! Thank you!” – Gill, USA.


The Crystal Bath is for protection. Its ingredients, including lima and the essence of crystals from Machu Picchu (the Andean ‘crystal city’ of the Incas), form an arkana (a protective shield) around the user which repels negative energy, jealousy and ill-will so these forces can no longer touch you. It is also an aid to clarity, balance and inner peace.

“The problems with my ex and her family cleared up almost immediately and I feel like a weight has lifted. I am more secure in myself and moving on with my life” – Michael, Switzerland

These Baths also work well in combination. For example, to remove negativity (Purification Bath), call in new power and positivity (Empowerment Bath) and then form a protective shield for the future (Crystal Bath).


All Baths contain fresh plants (organic material) so will naturally degrade over time. This does not affect the energy of the mixture but will eventually make it less pleasant to look at and apply. They are therefore best kept in a fridge and used as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you may decant the liquid to remove the flowers, plants and other items, which should ensure that it stays fresher for longer. Use all bath mixtures externally only. Do not drink them. And take normal precautions when you bathe, as you would with a shampoo or soap. Formulas contain perfumes and alcohol, so keep them away from your eyes.


All bottles are 750ml, which is enough for at least five baths. We use ordinary plastic drinks bottles, which are thoroughly cleaned and recycled, instead of new ones manufactured for this purpose. This helps us (and you) reduce the environmental impact of these products.

Please refer to our prices and terms for more information.