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The Four Gates offers workshops, healings, shamanic plant diets, journeys to Peru and Mexico to work with indigenous shamans, encounters with teacher plants, and other events to bring you healing, empowerment, new consciousness, and get you back in touch with your soul.
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“More remarkable even than their ability to heal the body is the ability of some plants to expand the mind, raise consciousness, release stuck or damaging emotions and connect us more deeply to spirit. These are the teacher plants. By showing us our true power and potential they enable us to see through illusions and explore the real nature of the dreaming universe so we discover our purpose on Earth.”
From the Introduction to the Shamanic Plant Medicine series of books by Ross Heaven ( available at ).



Ross San Pedro

The Essences range is a way of connecting with the spirit of the teacher plants in a totally safe and effective way, giving you gentle access to the plant and its teachings without the intensity of a full ceremonial encounter. Essences can therefore be used on a day-to-day basis (during meditations, journeys, personal explorations, and shamanic diets and rituals, or during challenging situations where the power of the plant may be needed) while retaining the ability to perform normal daily functions.
Prepared by hand from fresh plants, a mother essence is distilled in the same way as a flower remedy to extract the signature – the qualities and teachings – of the plant. The mother essence is then diluted in pure mountain spring water and blended with 50% alcohol.
Seven drops are placed beneath the tongue whenever you need to connect with the plant. Since no physical plant material is used Essences they are perfectly legal to own and carry with you, and to use as you wish in your spiritual development and healing.

All Essences come in 30ml glass bottles with a dropper for easy use.



San Pedro is a heart opener which shows us the beauty and oneness of all things, including ourselves. It is used for spiritual connection, in matters of forgiveness, to stimulate love and acceptance and to overcome feelings of separation and loneliness. It is a plant of strength which builds a solid core in us, a lighter, more vibrant soul, and teaches us that we (and everyone and everything around us) are spirit-beings, all equal, all strong, all healthy and balanced at the deepest levels of self. In this way it frees us from the illusions of the world and brings understanding and love.
“San Pedro showed me just how beautiful life is. I had a sense of completion, like I had healed everything that was meant to be healed. I am so grateful to San Pedro for these insights and for the revelations it shared with me” – Simon, Gibraltar


Ayahuasca teaches us that we are children of the universe; energetic beings beyond and beneath the material world, swimming in a sea of infinite possibilities. We can have and do anything we want; it is only our limiting beliefs and self-limitations which prevent us from living the life we truly desire. By showing us the root causes of these limitations (often manifested as physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual sickness) ayahuasca enables us to free ourselves from them so we are empowered and healthy.
“My experience was nothing short of life-changing. I was led into a new world where darkness and fear is transformed into love and light… I removed years of physical pains, fears and cultural programming from my mind, body and spirit. I also received downloads of spiritual knowledge and instructions on how to remain connected to god/nature” – Shane, Australia


Salvia is a ‘quantum plant’, a plant of dimensional travel and movement through time. It can therefore be used to divine the future, to revisit the past and right wrongs or correct imbalances as a form of soul retrieval or for the removal of negative energies. It also facilitates journeys to other dimensions, other realities, other aspects of you, so you understand more about who you are and the vastness of your soul. In Mexico, Salvia is used in the training of shamans and healers, and it is said that the plant will take you to Heaven where the Tree of Knowledge grows and that this tree will teach you how to heal and to know the healing powers of all plants.
“Salvia strips everything away in a very short space of time and points the self to an entirely different existence. Having over 20 years of psychedelic experiences and exploring the healing effects of different plant medicines, I find that when it comes to experiencing both the unfathomable mystery and getting straight to the point, salvia has it!” – Darryl, Sweden

‘Los ninos’ – the little children – as mushrooms are known by Mexican Mazatec shamans, are a source of innocence and joy and through these qualities they help us reconnect with the naturalness, fearlessness and wonder of our own childhoods. In ceremonies it is common to experience grid-like visions in bright, undulating colours, or to find oneself beneath the earth and aware of a fibrous structure (mycelium) which holds together the entire planet. This illustrates another quality of sacred mushrooms: a sense of community and connection – the understanding that we are all one and that we share this oneness with the planet itself – a new awareness delivered in simple, happy way.
“I learned how to laugh again! How to see and feel the effortless beauty and freedom of life! This had been missing for such a long time. Now I can’t imagine why! The truth is simple: we are all one, all essential parts of the whole, all of us a miracle, all special!” – Agatha, Russia

Datura is the great cleanser. Shamans in Peru describe it as ‘like hitting the reset button on the self’. It is used in the Amazon in situations of deep unrest or for serious illnesses of a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual nature and its action is like ‘wiping the slate clean’ so no sickness remains. It is a medicine for rebirth, for fresh starts and for a return to pure form. Peruvian shamans also use it to discover the sources of brujeria (negative energies and ill-will sent towards us by another person), to defeat sorcery and as a protection against further danger from those who mean us harm.
“Since working with this plant I feel blessed, cleansed, refreshed, whole, like a new me has been born, and I have no intentions of going back to who I was!” – Bryony, England

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