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These are a testimonials and comments from our workshops participants
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We don’t ask our students for testimonials but we often receive them anyway.

These are a few. We won’t update this section very often as there is already more than enough feedback here but if we receive interesting and noteworthy comments from participants we will add them to our News section.

Journeys to Peru



‘Perhaps you are looking for the trip of a lifetime? Ross Heaven’s plant spirit shamanism in the Amazon jungles of Peru certainly ticks that box! In fact, by the time you’ve finished the course you’ll probably realise there was never a box to tick! This experience was one of the most transformative of my life and the healing and self-exploration I did was unlike any I have experienced before. It is impossible to describe what an ayahuasca journey is like but it is something that anyone on a voyage of self-discovery should consider. The jungle is awe-inspiring but it is in the journey that the true magic lies.‘
Eleanor Niblock, journalist, writing in Green Events magazine, UK

‘I struggle to find words to describe the experience – it was beyond words: one of the most intense and exhilarating experiences I have had in my adult life. It allowed me to really connect at a deeper level whilst opening new doors, perceptions, realities, and opportunities I didn’t consider possible. Highly recommended! Would I do it again? Yes, next year! I’m already planning to return.‘
Alexia, UK

The whole experience has profoundly enlightened and changed me. I’ve just welled up with tears at the prospect of sharing it all again with you!
Emer, Ireland

I am the happiest man I know! I asked for love and received it! You can’t imagine how Peru changed who I am and brought out the real me!
Heath, Australia

Fun, interesting, relaxing, healthy, and most of all an opportunity for spiritual and emotional healing. I was especially impressed by the group leader’s gentle and supportive yet unobtrusive style. It will always be remembered as a highlight of my life.
Kathryn, Australia

People ask “How was the trip” – and what do you answer??? No words can do it justice. There are too many experiences – and none would shed light on my true feelings! The stillness I feel now and the lack of rush is incredible. What we experienced was something so special – and life just keeps getting better.
Linzi, UK

A blissful and inspiring couple of weeks where everything seemed touched with magic! It was perfect.
Kirsty, UK

How rare to have our expectations exceeded in so many ways! The two weeks were beyond my expectations and I’m recommending it to many people. The jungle will forever be inside me lending me its strength. It was truly life-changing.
Mike, UK

This trip will always stay in my heart. I feel so lucky to have experienced it.

Mandy, USA

An experience that changed my life for the better. It is hard to describe something so magical but I will draw from it for the rest of my days.
Annette, USA

Thank you for such wonderful, colourful, and mind and heart-opening experiences. I will treasure the memories and insights forever.
Kate, New Zealand

I had beautiful sessions with ayahuasca and always felt nurtured and held. One vision involved my eldest daughter who was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries when she was 15. Her ambition was always to be a mum but the problem with this condition is fertility: she may find it impossible to conceive.

I asked ayahuasca if she would and had the clearest vision of her giving birth to my grandchild. I came from that crying with joy. On my return to England two weeks later I got a call from her in shock as she had just found out she was pregnant – even though she was on the pill and apparently had fertility issues! Ayahuasca was too powerful for those small problems! I had the vision before even she knew about her pregnancy!
Doris, UK

Ecstasy and euphoria rolled into one. Thank you from every depth of my heart for the loving, profound, and lasting healing I received from you and the shamans in Peru. You gave me back my life.
Stafford, UK

A phenomenal experience, wisely and brilliantly organized with humility, compassion and connection to everything and everyone – not to mention many good laughs along the way! But definitely NOT an idle, New Age walk in the clouds. Very real, very practical, very empowering – something you can take home with you. There’s nothing I would recommend more than this experience for any spiritual seeker.

Kyle, USA

I was recently in Peru with [other participants] and after seeing behind the scenes at some of the jungle camps and ceremonies we all agreed that we were very lucky indeed to be introduced to ayahuasca by you… you set your bar very high on just about every level and are Numero Uno with the Ozzie faction!
Angela, Australia

A great experience, the jungle and Ayahuasca! Seeing other ways of working as a shaman is so revealing, nature and the way it cleans and develops our souls in such a learning way to improve the path we walk on this earth. Thanks to Ross and all his team for this introduction to my new way of living.
Les, UK

I can only describe my experience as MAGICAL!
Heather, Australia

Thank you once more for the wonderful time and the care and comfort you gave me. The best evidence of my improvement came from my grandson who is 8 years old and who said at the airport when my family collected me:  “Mama, look at granny! She looks so much younger!”
Geeke, The Netherlands

My experience was nothing short of life-changing. I was led into a new world where darkness and fear is transformed into love and light. My ceremonies during this workshop showed me far more than I thought possible and have given me a true understanding of what is necessary to return to my natural state. I purged years of physical pains, fears and cultural programming from my mind, body and spirit. I also received downloads of spiritual knowledge and instructions on how to remain connected to god/nature. I was in absolute awe of the abilities of the Maestro and Maestras, they seemed to look into my soul like an X-ray and use their icaros to knit back together the frayed edges. It seemed as though they were using an incredibly advanced technology not of this planet. I felt nurtured and cared for during my stay.
Shane, Australia

A big thank you for everything. I really appreciate it. I have noticed changes in my life already. I will be booking your courses again next year.
Ferny, South Africa

Thank you. The ceremonies were absolutely life changing! So beautiful and so deep – very cathartic.
Sammy, USA

Although my work with ayahuasca was challenging at times, I felt so much love and care from the shamans who worked with me in my healing. They were such fabulous people and I am so grateful that they were there to support me and I feel humbled to have spent time with such kind, caring people who have helped me so much and who worked so hard and intensely for the benefit of all. They were so kind, so knowledgeable, and always knew the right thing to do to help people. I can’t speak highly enough of them.

THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME IN JUST TWO WEEKS! Ayahuasca was the most powerful medicine and marked the beginning of a new era of integrity for me. My whole life has shifted in fantastically powerful ways.
Marc, Australia

Thank you for the amazing time in the Amazon with ayahuasca!!! I strongly recommend anyone interested in working with ayahuasca to do it with Ross. Thank you for your non-judgemental, peaceful and understanding approach. I think about our time there a lot and miss it so much. AMAZING!!!
Sonya, New Zealand

Sonya and I were just reliving our time with you and ayahuasca. We were saying how we loved it so much and we both continue to get healing from it. We both feel we would only do the ceremonies with you – best thing we ever did. Thank you.
Darren, New Zealand


The Cactus of Vision (5&7 days courses)


Exactly what I needed – and what I imagine many, many people need! So much of my life, so much of everything I’ve ever known was given the space and brilliance to be brought together. The results were deep! I am sending someone on your next trip!
Kyle, USA

The most powerful, profound experience of my life. I had intellectually understood about us coming from and one day returning to, energy; I had even glimpsed this in the past, but on this occasion I became energy. I completely dissolved – no room for ego! I breathed with the sky. I became the Breath of Life, Infinite and Eternal Love. I now dedicate my life to honour and integrity and to accepting life’s path rather than trying to dictate it. If everyone experienced this the world would be very different. It has become better for me already! I strongly recommend the experience!
Mavis, UK

San Pedro showed me just how beautiful life is. I had a sense of completion, like I had healed everything that was meant to be healed. I am so grateful to San Pedro for these insights and for the revelations it shared with me.
Simon, Gibraltar

I have been home a week and I still feel changed; not coming down from the high of our trip and its mind and heart-opening experiences. It was a wonderful highlight to my life and the lessons are becoming ever-clearer as I share them with friends. I was stretched way beyond where I thought I could go – and enjoyed it!
Kathryn, Norfolk Island

San Pedro was life-changing. I felt such peace and acceptance. I had an overwhelming sense of belonging to the earth and of the importance of every curve of the mountain range, every boulder, rock, stone and blade of grass; all part of the same incredible tableau and all of equal importance. Through the eyes of San Pedro the world is an exceptionally beautiful place. Every living thing has its place. I have come home with new eyes and can bring the beauty of the world to mind – and into reality – by just remembering the experience.
Tilly, Australia

This experience will never leave me! San Pedro answers your questions clearly and without confusion or the need for interpretation. I got the healing I was after. I understood and let go.
Kane, USA

I became the sky, the clouds, the flowers and I saw the beauty in all things, including myself and my relationships. I realised at some deeper level than we are ever usually aware of that everything is exactly as it was meant to be. It changed something in me and within two weeks I had met the man who would become my husband. There’s no bigger way to say that it healed my relationship problems because that would not have been possible without it. San Pedro gave me my daughter.
Cara, USA

I was overcome with tears of sheer joy and gratitude… for all my ancestors for bringing me into this world, for giving me this beautiful opportunity to be here under this sky with these birds and those gently swaying trees, for making my life so beautiful and for delivering me to this place where I arrived in full knowledge and love of myself.
Jamie, USA

The message of San Pedro was clear: I create the reality I want. I felt like a new person – so alive, so full of courage and energy, energized, aware and calm. Over the next few weeks I was transformed. Anything seemed possible. I was ready to create what I most desired.
Michael, Canada

I decided not to book a flight back to the States. I am staying on here in the mountains instead, loving life, for another month… or two… or three. The lessons keep coming and life gets better and better! Thank you for helping me so much on my journey. You are in my heart always.
Alec, USA

San Pedro was the best day of my life – it was so surprising and so hard to explain. I feel I have been waiting for this for so long. I just looked in the mirror and I did not recognise myself. With much love,
Julie, UK

Thank you for this powerful introduction to a new world. May I be worthy of what I was given, may I benefit the world in some way! Ayahuasca and San Pedro are the short cut: why waste time sitting in circle for years being lost and feeling like you are not on the right road when a couple of weeks here will get you there! San Pedro definitely sorted me out to a place of clarity and clearness.

I came with trepidation about taking healing and visionary plants having never taken any drugs, never believing I needed anything to journey, but that was my first block. I am now cleared clean, I feel new and invigorated. I am firmly on my path with new confidence and a brighter light within. I just sent an email to a person I know and all I did was describe how I feel and his reply was: “this is the best e-mail you have ever sent”.  I am a changed person! My life has been transformed in many ways. I would recommend the Ross Heaven San Pedro experience to one and all. It honestly has shown me another way to see my life and the world we live in. I can now identify with love, give it – and most importantly receive!
Les, UK

The whole package was exceptional. 5 star and more. I met San Pedro with trepidation but we quickly made friends which resulted in wonderful insights and understandings. The words that spring to mind when I think of San Pedro are “gentle”, “kind” and “empowering”. Thanks Ross.
Alexia, UK

San Pedro was so amazing… a lot of love and a lot of understanding. It was like seeing for the first time in my life, not with my eyes but with my heart and soul.
Laura, South Africa

The most life-changing and healing experience I have ever had. There was much that was taught and at least one chronic health condition was healed. It was not only the San Pedro journeys but the entire week’s events that were full of magic, learning and healing. I am grateful that this program exists and for the work that all involved have done to make it so powerful and accessible to as many as possible. Thank you so much.
Robyn, Canada

The energy I brought back is magical. I am still basking in the love of San Pedro and this happiness is staying in my heart.
Sonna-Ra, New Zealand

Thank you is not adequate. The whole experience was magical and sacred! It brought me home within myself. I wish that every person could experience San Pedro. The world’s heart would beat freer and more fiercely than ever before! Thank you for bringing San Pedro’s powerful plant medicine into focus. Without your dedication to this sacred healer I doubt I would have ever had the opportunity to experience the many blessings I’ve received and even if I had it simply would not have been the same!
Erin, USA

Loving San Pedro! If you want a life-changing and very loving experience go on Ross’ trip. It was so good it’s hard to actually put into words but one of the best times of my life so far.
Julie, UK


The Vine of Souls (5 days course)


Thank you for such an amazing experience. The teachings, the personalities, the honesty, the plant diet and ayahuasca made a fantastic personal journey for me. A really deeply profound healing experience delivered with realness and fun. Love it – love you – love the plants. Until I return…
Rachel, Australia

Thank you for your love, compassion, nurturing, guidance and for teaching us that all is possible and that nature really does talk to us all of the time. This has been a truly breath-taking experience, life-changing, profound and, in all sincerity, beyond words! It was so much more than I expected and my heartfelt gratitude and so much love goes to you; you are making such a difference in this world.
Gwyneth, Wales

Thank you for being the one to initiate me into the Way of Ayahuasca. I couldn’t think of better people to do this. I felt incredibly safe and the teachings about Plant Spirit Shamanism were illuminating. I loved your non-judgemental, open, down-to-earth, humorous and thorough approach to the work.
Suzanne, UK

10 years of therapy in one night! An illness that would require invasive surgery cured in one night!
So much clarity! Everything made so much sense! I saw and more importantly felt so much. After years of reading, years of theory, it was always the feeling that was missing… the feeling of what is inappropriately referred to as ‘love’. I understand now that this feeling is the only point of our existence. Ayawaska is without doubt the mother healer. She gave me so much clarity by simply showing me the truth, a connection that has opened me to possibility and confirmed that true understanding comes not from the mind but from the spirit. It cannot be taught from a book, a priest, a guru, or a politician, it can only be understood in an altered state of awareness, where true spirit dwells! I consider myself very lucky to have experienced this. A great workshop! I appreciated every moment and I wish you only the best.
Frederic, France

What a few days! The sharing and honesty by the group was inspirational and it was amazing to see the advances made by everyone in such a short period of time, and of course the event was so powerfully and skilfully led. I am now nurturing and consolidating the wonderful insights and energies that we were blessed with during the event.
Ron, Spain (participant for 5 consecutive years)

A mind blowing, profound and deeply spiritual experience. Deep thanks for the amazing journey you took us on. All your guidance and the exercises took the journey to a much deeper level.  I have come back to London not the same Jenny who left and I feel a shift in my consciousness. I went on the retreat with the intention of gaining more knowledge of ayahuasca ritual practice and to receive more healing…. I gained so much more!!! I cried the whole flight home. This journey went so much deeper than I ever could have imagined. We really did something amazing there!
Jenny, UK (participant for 2 consecutive years)

Going back home (home?!) was tough. So was going back to work! Although I have a deadline to meet on Wednesday at this point I’m not really motivated to write about medical politics or swine flu or any similar “important” stuff. Instead I’m sitting in my editorial office and watching clouds pass by the window – nothing to do, nowhere to go, just love! I really appreciated every second of this retreat and I am trying to find the proper words to express my gratitude but they just don’t exist in our language!
Borka, Croatia

I’ve changed so much. I thought it would take so long to change things, but all it took was one night with ayawaska.  My friends say I even sound different, more chilled, many of them want to try it, even though I’ve found it difficult to accurately articulate such a personal experience.

I’m still getting used to the new Mark but I can actually say that I am not depressed anymore and I can finally eat. I’ve had IBS for years, I was so afraid of food because of the pain it caused me, but the Saturday when I got back I went out to a restaurant to celebrate with my son and enjoyed every bite and there was no pain. My eternal thanks for providing the possibility of deep change on such a profound level. It surpassed my wildest dreams.
Mark, UK

I feel lighter, as though all the stuff I have worked through is behind me. I am determined to have a happy life and have gotten to work on that immediately. Thank you for a really beautiful workshop.
Sharon, USA

I left feeling much lighter and happier, thinking of all the possibilities that lie ahead, a week later I am still feeling that way. I have been astonished daily and can honestly say Ross was right: nature IS alive and is talking to us. I feel much more attached to nature and way more in-tune. So nature was saying “here, change the way you see things, focus on what you really want, and everything will come back to you in abundance, doors will open and everything will flourish”!
Michael, UK

I learned so much! I am feeling much more love and openness for everyone, as well as having more clarity and strength – exactly what I need!
Kirsty, UK (Participant for 3 consecutive years and on our healing journey to Peru)

How to express what the experience meant to me… well last night I was laying on my bed with my 18 year old daughter who wanted to know what her Mum had been doing. I smiled at her and started to say something about it being a sort of retreat, and then something shifted and probably for the first time ever, I really told her what was inside me… I cried and laughed and hugged myself with the sheer pleasure of some of the memories, insights, and changes. She just sat there completely transfixed… it was the most honest conversation I had ever had with her – and probably the best example of what this experience has meant to me. I feel like when I speak with people, in fact in whatever I do, there is a feeling of communion and honesty that floods through me and I wonder if I will ever be able to bullshit again! This is a beginning of something profoundly real in my life and I am deeply grateful for the experience.
Amanda, Canada

The sheer size and scale of my breakthroughs are difficult to exaggerate. I feel different now – very much alive and very much in tune with what I want for myself and the world. Inside I feel great, in my head and my heart. I guess the key difference is how I feel: I know that the world and I fit perfectly into each other – which feels pretty damn cool. Thank you for enabling these changes.
Ben, Switzerland

Thea and Charly, UK


Shamanic Apprenticeship Diploma (14 days course)


Thank you for all your teachings, guidance and presence, for the powerful healing and loving energy you shared with all of us. This was a very special and transforming experience.
Debbie, USA

I just want to thank you for such a magical, profound and thoroughly life changing experience. Your love and compassion, skill and professionalism, authenticity, patience and knowledge was a privilege to experience. I feel completely at peace, at one, and absolutely with the flow of everything. I thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Gwyn, UK

The universe landed me in the most auspicious place! When I walk into my garden now I stop because it speaks to me! Once I thought it was just a hunch but now I know it is spirit! And I am ready! With so much thanks to you and your teachings, for continuing this knowledge on and out into the world, for your patience, humour, insight, gentleness and laughter.
David, UK

Thank you for all the tools you have given me. I have worked with other shamanic teachers but they never really explained the techniques to me. Now I am ready to be a healer.
Charly, UK

You are an extraordinary teacher. I feel as I have reclaimed my power as well as learning a huge amount. My life has been changed.
Tracey, Australia

I have noticed a real extra zeal in my day, singing and dancing more than ever, as though huge chains have been cast off.
Dru, UK

I feel different, more powerful, holding my head high instead of looking at the ground. Things seem brighter and sweeter.
Vesper, USA

I am clearer as to my real purpose. The thing that warms my heart now is helping others with love and compassion.
David, France

I feel really good: energetic, power-full (almost brimming over at times) and very positive. I am committed to making the most of the gifts I have been given.
Bryony, UK

A brilliant course brilliantly delivered.
Janet, UK

Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval (5 days course)


Words cannot convey what a life-changing, transforming experience this has been. A complete rebirth, metamorphosis. Wonderful journeys, profound learnings, brilliant teacher! Amazing experiences during this course.
Colleen, UK

Life-long questions about my childhood were answered on this course. It helped change my life.
Josie, Lanzarote

Amazing. I have noticed so many positive changes since doing this course and receiving the healing myself.
Elaine, South Africa

Thank you for all your teachings, guidance and presence and for the powerful healings and loving energy you shared with all of us. This was a very special and transforming experience.
Dorota, USA

Thank you so much for five full full full-of-power days and for deep insights into the shaman’s world, making it our world.
Fatina, Denmark

Dear Ross, I just wanted to drop you a line as you have been in my thoughts. The info and “tools” you gave us all a few years back were so useful. My shamanic practice is thriving here in Herefordshire. I, of course, have mentioned you in my new website as having been my teacher. I do hope you are well. And thank you so much again for your “tools”. The later Aya workshop in Spain was a profound experience: it was gentle, and soft, and tender. Love, and sweet runnings,
Charly, UK

Been talking about my experiences today and really had no idea how emotional I felt about it all until I did. It was a fascinating few days full of the sharing of love with pretty fantastic people. Thank you so much for the vast amount of clarifying and ‘proving’ information and the absolutely brilliant way you put it across, which resonates with me perfectly. It turned a good week into a truly great week!!
Steve, UK

Initiation: The Three Great Plant  Teachers (10 days course)


I struggle to find words to describe the experience – it was beyond words: one of the most intense and exhilarating experiences I have had in my adult life. It allowed me to really connect at a deeper level whilst opening new doors, perceptions, realities, and opportunities I didn’t consider possible. Highly recommended!

Alex, UK

The visions and their rewards of love and the feelings of deep interconnectedness, and everything ayahuasca teaches, amazed me. My last journey with the vine was so mind-blowingly beautiful that I laughed, danced and cried tears of sheer joy. It really let me see the beauty and magic of the world.
Ross, Scotland

The Experience of A LIFETIME!!! Ayahuasca was the most powerful medicine and marked the beginning of a new era of integrity for me. My whole life has shifted in fantastically powerful ways.
Marc, Australia

During the last ceremony I received a crystal clear message that my stepdad would recover from his leukaemia although he “officially” has no chance of living beyond two years at the most. I called my mom this afternoon to get an update and she, knowing nothing at all about ayahuasca, reported that he spent the entire night before last (the night of the ceremony) vomiting. She was concerned since there’s nothing in the literature that says this is a normal side effect of the medicine he’s taking but as you can imagine, I was overcome with joy. She also said that the cancer cells in his circulating blood went from 33% to 9%, literally, overnight.
Cole, USA

San Pedro was the best day of my life. I feel I have been waiting for this for so long. I just looked in the mirror and I did not even recognise myself.
Julie, UK

I believe my comment was “wow!” All boundaries were gone and it seemed possible to be or do anything. The sense of boundary-less participation in the mind of the universe was ecstatic.
Roberta, Spain

Over the years I have worked with various teacher plants. Salvia is certainly the one I feel most affinity with. The intensity of the experience is consistently enchanting. The colours are rich, vibrant and intense. It’s an odd landscape, the salvia world, and the spirit of salvia has a mischievous sense of humour.
Alexia, UK

Salvia strips everything away in a very short space of time and points the self to an entirely different existence. Having over 20 years of psychedelic experiences and exploring the healing effects of different plant medicines, I find that when it comes to experiencing both the unfathomable mystery and getting straight to the point, salvia has it!
Darryl, Sweden

The sage world is a distinct one, separate from the ones we shamans usually use when journeying… [and its] spirit is seductive.
Martin, UK

Medicine for the Soul (Home study course)

I’ve enjoyed the course very much and feel that something has changed in me from doing it (in a good way). I feel very happy to have done it and it was nice to have met you. I hope I will be able do more work with you in the future.

Philip, UK

I found this course rewarding, it has been good to focus and realize that it’s the simple things we do in life which have the most profound effect. Compassion for others and generosity of spirit, things which are so needed in our chaotic society which seems so out of balance.
Robert, UK

May I take this opportunity to express how much I’ve enjoyed your course and I shall be looking for opportunities to incorporate what I have learned in my healing practice in the future. I will definitely be recommending this course to other people interested in a good grounding in shamanism in the future.
Martin, UK

I really enjoyed this course! It was all that I hoped it would be. It challenged my old world view and I am thoroughly enjoying the transformation!
Richard, UK

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your course. I got a lot from it and as I continue to practice, develop and walk the path. I continue to build upon the elements of this.
Sarah, UK

I have great enthusiasm for this course as it seems to have brought all of my previous work (with shamanism as well as my therapy training) into line!
Mark, UK

I feel so much better for having done this powerful work; I am in a difficult transition in my life and this work will be a great foundation.
Lizzie, UK

This course has totally changed my life and the way I think and work.
Clare, Denmark

Working on my power was one of the most life changing parts of the course for me. I am feeling my fears ebbing away. It is truly amazing. Since doing this course I have felt very different – more confident. It has changed me.
Teresa, UK


Healing and Distant Healing

The healing session has really done something special and I must say I do feel different.
Katherine, Geneva

Thank you for a very valuable healing session and helping to bring us back to wholeness. We both got a lot out of it.
Kim and James, UK

Thank you so much for your beautiful work. It was an incredible experience and what you told me corresponds amazingly to my issue and my personal history. I already feel more solid in myself, regaining something I lost a long time ago. I know that a new, rich process has started and I’m already feeling the effects in physical terms. I am very grateful to you and eager to see how this process develops.
Elaine, USA

I have given my healing twelve hours reflection and I am impressed! My healing session with you was deep and full of gentleness. I am less agitated and my physical complaint eased by about 95 percent for the first time in 5 months.
Brian, Madrid

You have given me hope!!! I honestly felt that I received a lot of strong and powerful gentleness and also an inner quiet which has lasted well into 24 hours. Thank you for the healing. I am no longer a sceptic.
Val, UK

I don’t know which part of me you returned, but thank you. All of sudden I felt this rush of warmth enter me and woosh through me. Then a pair of arms held me very gently and to my surprise I was crying. Not sobbing, just this gentle crying – like a relief at finding something you’ve lost – a release. Thank you again.
Dianne, Rome

Thank you so much for your work and for my healing. Many things resonated deeply with me even if I haven’t known them on a conscious level. I feel inspired and relieved and my energy levels have already changed. There are no words really I can write to express how I feel. Still, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Edward, Germany

I am presented with a minor miracle, a miracle that I didn’t really believe I would ever receive. I send grateful thanks for doing what you did!
Susan, UK

Another huge thank you for the powerful healing which continues. With all my heart, I wish that your generous, loving spirit be met with its reflection and that all your sweetest dreams come true.
Lorraine, UK

It’s amazing that it was only last week that I saw you, it seems I have lived a lifetime since then. Thank you for an unbelievable experience – there’s a joy so deep inside me that I catch myself beaming with pleasure without realising it. It’s as if I am in touch with myself and the joy of this is indescribable – I’m finally complete! For the first time in ever such a long time, I’m not scared of laughing. Thank you again and a million times more.”
Robin, Sweden

Thank you for the most amazing journey of my life. It has been revealing and regenerating. A new me was born and she is showing herself slowly, like a child.
Monica, USA

Our information packs for workshops and healing contain other testimonials. Email us if you’d like details of any event.